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In Chile, I visited Valparaiso and Easter Island.


Easter Island

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Australia and New Zealand

In Australia and New Zealand, my travels included Sydney, Auckland, and Ayers Rock.


Ayers Rock




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In Japan, I got to see Kyoto, Tokyo, and Mount Fuji!



Mount Fuji

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South Africa

I saw lots of wildlife while visiting Kruger National Park in South Africa.
Kruger National Park

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Climbing Waterfalls and Relaxing on the Beach

Mediterranean Coast of Turkey (Patara Beach and Saklikent Gorge)

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Mediterranean Coast of Turkey

I took a bus from Bodrum down to a small town on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey called Kas (pronounced like "cash"). We rented a car and drove to Patara Beach, where sea turtles often go to lay their eggs. The beach is 18 km long and the sand was so soft and warm that you didn't even need to lie on a towel! We swam and bodysurfed in the waves and suntanned and relaxed in the sand.

Patara Beach

The next place we visited was Saklikent Gorge. Saklikent is Turkish for Hidden City. We hiked deep into the canyon and the water was waist-deep at parts! We had to climb up waterfalls on the way in, but we got to slide down them like waterslides on the way out!

Saklikent Gorge

At the end of the day, we relaxed near the hammocks by the river and ate traditional turkish cuisine. Sitting near the water cooled us off after a long, hot day!

Relaxing Hammocks

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Greek Island Hopping

The Cyclades and Athens

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Map of the Greek Islands

The next part of my adventure was very exciting - I visited 6 different Greek islands by boat! We got on the ship in the Turkish town of Bodrum, and then sailed all the way to Athens and back, stopping at different islands on the way. The first island we visited was Kos, where we visited a private and secluded beach. We had a barbeque and went swimming. Next, we visited the islands of Paros and Mykonos where we explored the tiny alleyways between the white and blue buildings. Wandering the streets of these islands is like being lost in a maze!

Wandering the streets of Mykonos

"Little Venice," Mykonos

The Greek islands get a lot of wind, so there are giant windmills everywhere and windsurfing is very popular on Mykonos. After shopping and exploring the town of Mykonos, we took a bus to Paradise Beach where we relaxed in the hot sun.

Windmills, Mykonos

Paradise Beach, Mykonos

Next, we visited the ancient ruins on the island of Delos, and then spent some time exploring the island of Syros. We got off the boat in Athens, where we visited the Parthenon ruins and had lunch at an outdoor Greek cafe. When we left Athens to sail back towards Turkey, we watched the most unbelievable sunset.

Sunset Sailing Away from Athens

The last island that we visited was Kalymnos, which is famous for sponge diving and rock climbing. We visited some beaches and rocky coves, where we sipped ice cold coca-cola near the sea. After Kalymnos, we returned to Bodrum, Turkey, where we enjoyed walking along the beach at night and finally sleeping in a relaxing hotel room instead of on a boat!


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Hot Air Ballooning and Mountain Biking

Town of Göreme and Rose Valley of Kapadokya

sunny -17 °C
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Map of Turkey

I (Garfield) first arrived in Ankara, the capital of Turkey, by mail from a third grade classroom in Alabama. In Ankara, I visited the busy streets of downtown, the grassy parks of the suburbs and the library at a university. The Turkish word for library is kutuphane.


Next, I took a bus to visit the tiny village of Göreme for a weekend. The Kapadokya region of Turkey has a unique landscape because it is made of soft volcanic rock which is easily shaped into hoodoos and pointy "fairy chimneys" by nature. Many cave churches and underground cities have been carved into the soft volcanic rock.

Kapadokya Landscape

We did many activities in Kapadokya, but my favorite was the hot air balloon ride over the Göreme valley. We had to wake up at 5:00 in the morning so we could fly for 2 hours before the the sun heated up the sky. We flew so low we brushed the tops of trees, and so high that the world looked miniature down below. Ballooning is a very popular activity in Göreme because the climate is ideal. I counted at least 30 other balloons in the sky that morning!

Balloons in the Sky

In the afternooon we we went mountain biking in the Red Valley and the Rose Valley. I loved exploring the rock formations of the landscape! Sometimes I felt like I was on the moon! The next day we went for a long hike through the Pigeon Valley with a dalmatian named Spotty.

Mountain Biking

Rose Valley

Red Valley

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